Xamarin.Android Startup Sequence

This video was a part of a course that was never released. It contains a deeper dive into Xamarin.Android and what happens when it starts up on you device.

It assumes you have a basic understanding of Xamarin and Android already, and goes through what happens when Android starts your app, up until the MainActivity.

It goes through:

  1. APK
  2. Android Callable Wrappers
  3. Mono/Android Architecture
  4. Compilation and Install
  5. Startup Sequence
  6. Lifecycle


  1. Florian CHAUX

    Does it mean you will not release any course anymore on your course platform ?

    1. Adam

      I shut it down to new subscribers many months ago. I continued to update the existing course for a while and its still accessible to anyone who has purchased it, but no new courses are scheduled at this point in time.

  2. Stella Delaney

    I’m guessing you are loosing faith in Xamarin and the direction they are taking and now have seen the light, aka Flutter so all your resources , time and energy will be focused on the Flutter SDK ? having done Xamarin for a little under 5 years now myself – its now time to wrap up my Xamarin days and move to Flutter – the development experience , quite simply – ‘Just works’, I’m much more productive with Hot reload and those Xamarin devs that say Xamarin has live player equivalent probably only work on simple basic apps, Live Player simply doesnt work straight out of the box when wrestling with a XF apps built with Prism and a bunch of third party nugets…

    P.s – thanks for the great XF content over the years …

    1. Adam

      For many apps now, Flutter seems the better choice, though XF will still have its part.

      Xamarin on the other hand (bringing .NET to all platforms) is still very useful, and hoping to make some Xamarin and Flutter magic happen in the near future 🙂