[POLL] What CustomRenderers Or Effects Do You Create In Xamarin.Forms?

I commonly have to write custom renderers or effects in Xamarin.Forms. Sometimes, for what seems should just be a default property or control. While they are easy enough to write, they distract from the actual task at hand, and instead of 10 seconds filling out a property, I spend 30-60 minutes creating the effect or renderer, doing a custom implementation for each platform, then testing my platform specific code.

This poll is here to see what are the most common types of platform specific code you write, in hopes it can be used as a todo list for the Xamarin.Forms team or community to complete. Implementing these small changes into Xamarin.Forms, could seriously improve productivity and moral for Xamarin.Forms developers.


  • Any answer added in Other, will add to the list of answers others can choose from.
  • You can enter text in Other, and press Vote, and do this multiple times to add multiple other options.
  • You can vote on up to 10 items in total.
  • Please be specific. e.g. An “Underline on a Label”, not a “Label Renderer”.
  • These should be modifications you are making to existing renderers or creating effects to accommodate a lack in the renderer. Not renderers for completely new controls.

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I know that Xamarin.Forms also have other areas of concern, however this poll is purely for custom, platform specific code, written in renderers or effects. Lets solve this problem first.


    1. Adam Pedley

      There are definitely some that people have added, that aren’t ever going to be included in the main XF lib. Image editing is most likely one of them.